sento | Thousands of Tweets Analyzed for Sentiment and Meaning in the Blink of an Eye

Cutting-edge big data processing meets semantic analysis. And they lived happily ever after.

What makes sento special?

Deep dive content discovery

sento’s multi-level semantic content discovery features let you start with just a keyword to discover content you didn’t know you were looking for. Serendipity? Yes, powered by our sophisticated conversation classification methods.  

Complex Analysis Features + Data Mining

sento not only automatically detects entities (e.g. companies, brands, products, places, etc.), topics and more, but also lets you mine and filter the results with the touch of a button.

Powerful Semantic Analysis

Complex propietary scientific algorithms power our analysis, which delivers instant semantic insights in the blink of an eye (hint: sentiment is only the tip of the iceberg).

Made for Twitter

sento wasn't just built for the speed of Twitter but also for understanding its essence. Our analysis understands the way Twitter "talks", helping make intelligent sense out of conversations and surfacing what's important.

Real Time Inteligence

Deep insights and fine-grain intelligence takes time, right? sento begs to differ. We combine artificial intelligence with Big Data processing to give you analysis as speedy as social itself.

Stunning Visualizations

Big Social Data can be overwhelming, and ugly dashboards and charts don't make your job any easier. sento's unique visualizations are not only useful in finding meaning in a sea of tweets, but are also easy on the eyes.

About sento

We've got science on our side

Semantic science powers sento


Years of research in Natural Language Processing, semantic analysis and influence measurement power sento's analysis features.

Complex algorithms are behind our sentiment measurement and help sento extract the real message within all the text. Sound a little nerdy? It is.


Powerful Semantic Analysis


Meaning is everything.
Let Natural Language Processing help.


Sentiment Analysis

Highly accurate automatic sentiment analysis at the tweet level (message by message), in aggregate and at the entity level, all in real time. We go beyond just positive, negative and neutral for a clearer picture of public sentiment.

Named Entity Recognition

Discover what you weren't looking for. Instantly detect mentions of products, brands, companies, people, places and more with sento's entity recognition features.

Key Idea Identification

How can you get the gist of what's important in thousands or even millions of conversations? With sento's Key Idea Identification feature, which automatically summarises the focus of the conversation in just a few words.

Concept Extraction

Our concept extraction algorithm mines tweets related to your keywords to dig out the most relevant concept associated with your areas of interest, making spotting important issues effortless.

Emotion Mining

What emotions are present in Twitter conversations? While emotion mining is still an emerging science within text analytics, sento is one of the first tools to offer this novel feature as standard (beta).

Topic Extraction

sento instantly classifies all content related to your keyword into hundreds of topics, allowing you to easily understand where the conversation is focused and also where it's headed.

Made for Twitter

Complex semantic analysis.
Made easy. Made for Twitter.

Find meaning in a sea of content

Unlike other social media analysis tools, sento was made just for Twitter. Our semantic analysis algorithms "speak Twitter", and know how to draw out meaning and intent.

Identify key authors and influencers

sento's influence measurement algorithms take analysis to whole new level, offering insights into who's important in a given topic and who you should be targeting.

Location, location, location

Location information for tweets will help you drill down to associate sentiment, emotion, topic, entities and more by location, helping you understand local trends.

Real Time Analysis

Thousands of tweets analyzed for sentiment 
and meaning in a blink of an eye

Never miss a critical tweet

Twitter is in on 24/7 and your analysis tool should be too. sento lets you create smart notification thresholds that alert you to key issues such as a nasty decrease in sentiment in a certain location or an uptick in product mentions.

Not monitoring - analysis at the speed of social

sento is the result of several years of research in Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Text Mining methods combined to provide your company with the world’s most accurate analysis for leveraging social data — while at the same time respecting the real-time nature of Twitter.

Big, fast architecture for big data

sento's analysis is served by state-of-the-art distributed computing and powered by technologies used by the most important companies in the world to receive, process and analyse incoming Big Social Data streams instantly.

Data Visualization

Speed of sound text processing. 
Stunning visualizations.


sento was built with a mindblowingly complex scientific and technical core, but that doesn't mean we're not pretty. Data is presented with gorgeous graphics and user-friendly visualisations, making the complex simple.


Real-time plays an important role in this but so does historical evolution. sento's timeline makes it easy to examine progress over time and identify peaks and valleys in sentiment and more.

Report generator

Don't limit yourself to the results of the overview. When you identify an element you're interested in, click on it. By accessing its Insights view you'll get detailed information about the element, including its number of appearances and sentiment. If that's not enough, sento will provide you with related content that has been automatically detected.


Do not stop at the results of the overview. Whenever you identify any element you're interested in, click on it. By accessing its Insights view you will get detailed information about what's surrounding said element including its appearances and sentiment. If that's not enough, sento will provide you with related content that has been detected and analyzed automatically. 

Report generator

Something important happened while you were away? Worry not, we've got your back. By using sento's alerts you will get notifications anytime sentiment turns negative, a specific author publishes content regarding your query or a specific keyword appears, among many others. The sky is the limit.

Here are some facts

Analysis, Big Data, Real-time…yeah, you’ve heard all these buzzwords before.

So what does this all really mean? Beyond the jargon, here are the facts that really set sento apart. The numbers don’t lie.

Linguistic rules to analyze texts in real time
Millions of Entities Detected Automatically
Topics Used to Classify Content Automatically
Levels in which Sentiment can be Classified

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About sisu labs

sisu labs is a data science and technology firm that helps companies, marketers and brands get more out of their data by applying Natural Language Processing and semantic analysis techniques to extract valuable business intelligence. sisu labs’ mission is to take the complexity out of text analysis by helping brands and marketers with solutions that help them find meaning in the data deluge produced by social media.

sisu was founded in Barcelona in early 2013 by scientists and marketing professionals with a solid research background, demonstrated in the leadership of a number of European Commission-funded research projects in NLP, multi-lingual semantic analysis, text mining, data mining and real-time data processing and analysis. In addition, our specific background in social media marketing makes us the perfect partner for agencies and brands looking to extract more insight from social media by means of semantic science.

But it doesn’t stop there. Text analysis is just one of our passions. Coupling NLP with complex social network analysis and data mining is what will drive our vision moving forward, still putting NLP at the heart of it all. After all, it’s our first love.


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